Amitim is the unified organization that incorporates the eight Defined Benefit pension funds, with a combined AUM of approx. US$100 Billion.
The funds are all under special management of Mr. Ephy Senderov, appointed as the Special Manager of all eight funds in 2021.

Amitim's vision:

"Strive to ensure the provision of rights to our members, with a high standard of service, efficiency and transparency".
Amitim is currently one of Israel's largest institutional entities, and it's Scope of Operations Includes:
65,000 active members
236,000 benefit recipients
700,000 inactive members
Annual contributions of approx. US$1 Billion from active members
Annual pension payments of approx. US$3.3 Billion

Investment Division

Amitim's main goal is to match its assets to its liabilities, by achieving risk-adjusted returns for the benefit of its members.
As Amitim is under special management, there are some restrictions on the types of assets that it can invest in.
Amitim's Investment Division is comprised of approximately 40 investment professionals. Amitim's investment departments include Bonds, Public Equities, Private Equity, Private Lending, and Real Estate.
Approximately 50% of Amitim's investment portfolio is made up of designated Israel Government bonds.
Amitim's investment decisions are made by two Investment Committees.